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Welcome to Gold Cash Ltd.

People often get Dependent on their Assets to fund their Personal Needs or Exigencies such as Children's Educations, Medical Emergencies, Debt Obligations, Buying a Flat/Plot/Vehicle/Luxury Gadgets, Paying Margin Money for any Loans & Several Other reasons. To meet any of these Essential Requirements, Selling a piece of Land or any of the Fixed Asset would'nt be that Fair as it takes time to search a Prospective Buyer and a Sizeable Amount has to be paid for Registrations, Commissions & Miscellaneous Charges. In such cases Gold is the only Valuable which has the Highest Market Liquidity, behaves more like Cash Currency. Most of Us, prefer to sell Gold ( Immediate Cash ) rather than Pledging it as the latter attracts Gold Loan Huge Interest Rates + MCLR, Processing Fees, Eligibilty Criteria Etc. Most of the Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) and Pawnbrokers charge 16% to 36% for the given Gold Loan by keeping Gold as Collateral and in any case of Selling the Gold, the NBFCs nor the Banks Buy for Instant Cash and here Pawn Brokers / Traditional Jewellers takes the Advantage by offering the Consumer's the Inappropriate Value of the Gold. Gold Cash's motto is to provide each Consumer's the Best Solutions and Incremental Value Offerings as Compared to others, a Better Customer Service Experience, an Opportunity to recycle their Existing, Usable or Unusable Gold ( Ornaments, Bullions ) into High Value Cash.?

In India we have several means to buy Gold so as we have hundreds of avenues to pledge our Gold too, but when it comes to selling Gold, the available options are very limited, which are not transparent nor Instant in most of the cases. Though you can buy Gold ( Jewelries/Bullion/Coins) from Banks, but usually they never buy back Gold from any Individuals in any case of Urgencies. However, especially these Jewellers in such cases buy Gold ( Jewelries/Bullion/Coins etc) at the Published rate after reduction in Wasteages and several other deductions and in turn replenishes with New Ornaments to the Consumers. Though Consumers may think its been a Fair deal, but it actually isn't.

Sell Your Gold

We are offering a quick and easy process to get instant cash for your Gold Jewelleries using our services. GOLD CASH LTD. is one of the fastest growing gold buying Company with number of branches across India.

Release Your Pledged Gold

It is a practice across India where people pledge their gold jewellery to meet their financial needs, sometimes, due to the heavy interest rates and financial problems, most of the customers fail to release the gold pledged with the banks, NBFC's and local pawn brokers.

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