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NEED URGENT CASH AGAINST YOUR GOLD, SELL YOUR GOLD JEWELRY (CASH FOR GOLD) Need urgent cash very common things people are facing so in this pandemic attack but if you have some Gold or Jewelry Against you are looking for cash so GOLD CASH LIMITED is the destination for you. We have advanced technology to check you’re gold quality which gives you the best price of your gold as per the market.

We buy gold in the form of jewelry, bars & coins. If you are looking to dispose of your gold and convert it to cash please do visit our Branch. Get instant cash for your old gold. Gold will be purchased based on its weight & purity, We use the best technologies available for valuation. GoldCash Limited – We Buy Gold Chains, Rings, Earrings, Necklace s, Hara, Biscuits, Bar’s, Coin s, Bracelet s, Bangles, Kada, Pins, Top s, silver, articles, solitaires, jewelry, etc. Nowadays, you can find a number of places where you can sell gold and silver. Also, you can find multiple jewelry buyers or old gold buyers near your place who buys your gold. But when it comes to trust and transparency to sell gold, the options are really limited. Because of this, you may get a question in your mind that “Which are jewelry stores that buy gold at the best price?” No worry, we are here to provide the best one-stop solution to your query.
Gold Cash Limited – We provide all the answers to your questions with a simple and transparent
process. We accept all types of used gold and in return, we offer you the best price worth for it.
We have outstanding customer service. We work with clients from all walks of life and from different backgrounds and cultures, so each transaction is handled with care, respect, and privacy. We take pride in our service and our clients come first. We also have staff that speaks multiple languages so Telugu and Tamil native speakers can communicate with more ease if need be.
We will give you instant quotes. Every day the market changes and so does the gold rate, but our margin stays the same, so our prices are based on the gold market value for that day. This is the only reason you will note why we have different pricing on different days but you can follow and decide when selling or getting a loan on your jewelry works for you.

Our Vision is to Provide Transparency in Gold Buying Business and Offer Our Customers the Authentic Evaluation of their Gold and its Honest Prices. GoldCash Limited aims to Provide the Best and Quickest Service in Gold Buying and Releasing Mortgaged/Pledged Gold and Promises to Offer Customer Delight to each of its Customers. GoldCash Limited Provides Financial Services to those Customers who Needs Cash for Gold Jewelry or Gold Ornaments at 100% Online Market Price. GoldCash Limited has opened 20+ Branches across Pan India. GoldCash Limited is in the process to open in excess of 100+ Branches Crosswise over India in the next couple of Months in the wake of seeing the Achievement of Business Development and its Professional Services Offered.

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