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GoldCash Limited



The Name Golden Bird (Sone Ki Chidiya ) proves itself that India’s Fascination For Gold. Back to the ancient times, owing to the Metal’s Religious, Cultural & Investment Significance, Gold continues to capture the imagination of every Indian till time with the highest deposits in the World & there is an insatiable demand for the Gold irrespective of Volatility in its Prices.

Instant Liquidity & Investment Benefits are the factors that drive People to Buy & Store Gold. For every Indian, Investments in Gold have always been viewed as a Reliable Source in Times of Need, in Every Rural, Semi-Rural & even Now in Semi-Urban Households. Hence Gold has the Quickest Liquidity to meet any Exigencies or Emergencies of Financial Needs.

Gold Loan Companies Offers Minimal and Inadequate Value of the Gold, On top of it the Customer Buys the Interest Burdens & Tensions of failing in Monthly Instalments. GoldCash Limited provides a Quick, Smart, Professional & Hassle Free, Solutions to those Customers to get their Mortgaged Gold freed from any of the Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFC’s and Offers Honest Prices to the Customers and Authentic Evaluation of their Gold.

GoldCash Limited has become India’s One of the Well Accepted and Trusted Gold Buyer with Presence across PAN India Geographies.


Founder And CEO

Dr. Rajan Lal Srivastav


GOLDCASH LIMITED (an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company) is India’s fastest growing Gold Buying Company with presence across PAN India. The Company has successfully tapped an Industry Opportunity on the Largest Consumer Gold Base (Our India) and its Value Growth Drivers, meeting the Consumer’s Needs in Monetizing Gold for Productive Purposes, Increase Demand for Easier, Faster Smarter Liquidity and to create a Platform for Shifting Consumer’s Preferences from Owning Assets (Gold, be it in any Forms) to Cash Currency.

GoldCash Visions to Create a Competitive Advantage for the Brand which will Inspire Trust and Consumer Loyalty thereby a Consumer Delight in meeting their Needs. Our Company aspires to Create the Largest Network Base in India, Increase Brand Awareness, Build Company’s Image and believes to Create the Highest Service Quality for Our Customers and Value Long Term Relationship with Our Business Partners.

GoldCash has also successfully adopted Professional Services with Esteemed Banks on Gold Loan Debt Grievances, NPA, Loss Accounts Recoveries and has Mutually benefited the Banks & Loaners.

GoldCash Limited is in a Process of availing NBFC Approvals from RBI and aims in leaping to Greater Heights in Future ”

GoldCash Limited

 Warning :

Trying to Sell Stolen or Spurious Gold Articles is a Criminal Offence, Sellers must provide Proper Documentation to Transact. We do not entertain Minors under any circumstances to Sell Gold. Individuals between the ages 18 to 21 Years must have Consent of their Family Members to Transact. Verification will be done if necessary. GoldCash Limited Reserves all the Rights to reject any Transaction, if found suspicious and can be reported to the appropriate Agencies.

GoldCash Limited ( an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company ) is India’s most Trusted Gold buying Company. GoldCash Limited focuses its Business in Gold Buying, Releasing Pledged/Mortgaged Gold Loans. The Company holds Branches across India’s Biggest Metropolitan Cities ( Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata ) and Many More.

Corporate Office

Unit Number 1034 , Spaze I-Tech Park, Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana  – 122018

Our Vision is to Provide Transparency in Gold Buying Business and Offer Our Customers the Authentic Evaluation of their Gold and its Honest Prices. GoldCash Limited aims to Provide the Best and Quickest Service in Gold Buying and Releasing Mortgaged/Pledged Gold and Promises to Offer Customer Delight to each of its Customers. GoldCash Limited Provides Financial Services to those Customers who Needs Cash for Gold Jewelry or Gold Ornaments at 100% Online Market Price. GoldCash Limited has opened 20+ Branches across Pan India. GoldCash Limited is in the process to open in excess of 100+ Branches Crosswise over India in the next couple of Months in the wake of seeing the Achievement of Business Development and its Professional Services Offered.

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